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Volusia Armor is located just 15 minutes west of De Land, private range and classroom on site.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss your training needs!          Val 386 747-0945 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Leslie 386 527-3487

Welcome to Volusia Armor!


We can change your life, starting today...but you must make the decision.  Here are some of your choices...do you want to learn how to handle a gun, SAFELY?  How about protecting your loved ones and your home?  You don't want to be a victim do you??  Do you plan on carrying a concealed weapon to protect yourself?  Then you have come to the right place!  Take a moment to browse our website and choose a class we offer that will fit your needs. We can teach you to protect what is yours!!

Which class is for me?

If you are thinking....what course do I need?  Then take a moment and go to our "Which class is for me" page and become familiar with what we offer. We have many options available!  All of our shooting classes qualify for the training portion of the Concealed Weapons/Firearms License!

Do you know that women learn differently than men?  We do and that is why we became the only Firearms Instructors in Volusia County (as of this date) who are certified by the NRA to train men and women to use firearms properly and safely but also by The Well Armed Woman!  We teach all male classes, couple classes, private classes, and all female classes.  Our all-female classes are geared specifically for learning in a women-enhanced environment!  Check out our qualifications HERE!